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The Must-Have Leadership Skill – Daniel Goleman – Harvard Business Review

From Daniel Goleman..

You can be the most brilliant innovator, problem-solver or strategic thinker, but if you cant inspire and motivate, build relationships or communicate powerfully, those talents will get you nowhere. What Zenger and colleagues call the “interpersonal skills” — and what I call social intelligence — are the secret sauce in top-performing leadership.

Lacking social intelligence, no other combination of competences is likely to get much traction. Along with whatever other strengths they may have, the must-have is social intelligence.

via The Must-Have Leadership Skill – Daniel Goleman – Harvard Business Review.

How to recover Pre-shared key – Cisco ASA

When you back-up the configuration, for ASA device, using command show running-config, it does not include all the config. It suppresses the Pre-shared keys from the config. example below:

tunnel-group VPNtunnel type ipsec-ra
tunnel-group VPNtunnel general-attributes
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Deployment Guides and Project Plan – Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Services

Welcome to the Windows Server® 2008 Active Directory® Domain Services guide, a part of the Infrastructure Planning and Design series. I use these guidelines for the new AD deployment projects.

The Planning and Design Series Approach

Introduction to Active Directory Planning and Design

Active Directory in Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization

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How to configure Facebook Insights for the WordPress blog

Facebook Insights is a great Social Analytical tool. It provides very detailed information on your users demographics as well as how they are sharing from your website or blog.

The following are the steps to follow to configure Facebook Insights for your WordPress Blog

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vSphere vCenter Server – Check new notification stuck on QUEUED

Do you see many “Check new notifications” showing status “QUEUED” in tasks section on vSphere Client initiated by “VMware venter Update Manager Check Notification“. This error occurs when Update Manager is unable to reach the internet and check for new updates.

To clear off all the tasks, you will need to restart the “VMware vCenter Update Manager Service” on your vCenter Server.

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