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Perspectives – I Love Solar Power But…

I completely agree with James. Better utilization of infrastructure is more environment friendly than having Solar Panels at the cost of clearing trees from the land.

I’m personally not crazy about clearing 171 acres in order to supply only 4% of the power at this facility. There are many ways to radically reduce aggregate data center environmental impact without as much land consumption. Personally, I look first to increasing the efficiency of power distribution, cooling, storage, networking and server and increasing overall utilization and the best routes to lowering industry environmental impact.

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Is VMware’s dominance of the virtualization market under threat?

I completely agree with Chris Wolf. Changing hypervisor is not the hard part. Things get complicated when you try to change your datacenter management software and then everything connected to it. Basically re-do everything, documentation, DRP, new deployment processes, etc.

VMware is the leader in virtulaization. I find vSphere very feature rich as compare to other management tools for other hypervisors.

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vSphere vCenter Server – Check new notification stuck on QUEUED

Do you see many “Check new notifications” showing status “QUEUED” in tasks section on vSphere Client initiated by “VMware venter Update Manager Check Notification“. This error occurs when Update Manager is unable to reach the internet and check for new updates.

To clear off all the tasks, you will need to restart the “VMware vCenter Update Manager Service” on your vCenter Server.

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