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AVG Anti-Virus CloudCare Update failed – The update control file is missing

We received a failed update error on AVG CloudCare on the Server 2012 R2.

Error: Update Control File is Missing.

Tried reboot and that did not help.

Here is the fix for this error;

  • Open up AVG Control Panel from System Tray
  • Click Options –> Advanced Settings
  • Select “AVG Self Protection” from the side and un-tick the “Enable AVG Self Protection” check-box
  • Open Explorer and Delete the file C:\ProgramData\AVG2015\cfg\update.cfg
  • Restart your computer
  • Enable “AVG Self Protection”, click “Apply”
  • Now Click Update to complete the update successfully.

Hope this helps.


Mail wants to use the “login” keychain – FIXED

I have recently started getting pop-up message from the Mail application asking for Keychain password. (Keychain password is same as your login password, unless you have changed it.) The pop-up message reads “Mail wants to use the “login” keychain.” and the box for password.

I typed the password and received few emails. After few minutes, pop-up showed up again asking for password and process continued. Pretty annoying, right?

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How to recover Pre-shared key – Cisco ASA

When you back-up the configuration, for ASA device, using command show running-config, it does not include all the config. It suppresses the Pre-shared keys from the config. example below:

tunnel-group VPNtunnel type ipsec-ra
tunnel-group VPNtunnel general-attributes
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