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How to recover Pre-shared key – Cisco ASA

When you back-up the configuration, for ASA device, using command show running-config, it does not include all the config. It suppresses the Pre-shared keys from the config. example below:

tunnel-group VPNtunnel type ipsec-ra
tunnel-group VPNtunnel general-attributes
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Deployment Guides and Project Plan – Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Services

Welcome to the Windows Server® 2008 Active Directory® Domain Services guide, a part of the Infrastructure Planning and Design series. I use these guidelines for the new AD deployment projects.

The Planning and Design Series Approach

Introduction to Active Directory Planning and Design

Active Directory in Microsoft Infrastructure Optimization

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Setup Windows Server 2008 R2 as a RADIUS Server for a Cisco ASA

Recently I was working on Implementing VPN access with Cisco ASA for our company. As most of you know there are three main methods/protocols available for authentication, including ASA Local Database, LDAP and RADIUS.

So I decided to use RADIUS protocol to authenticate VPN requests. The following are the steps I used to setup VPN authentication using Cisco ASA 5510 and Windows Server 2008 R2 using ASDM 6.0:

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How to manually update Global Address List (GAL) – Exchange 2003

If you want to manually update the Global Address List in Microsoft Exchange 2003, follow the steps outlined below;

  1. Go to Microsoft Exchange –> System Manager
  2. On the left Pane expand Recipients
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How to reset the Cisco ASA password

Today I was working on the ASA and I found out that I don’t have a login password for it. So, to reset the ASA password I followed the following steps;

  1. Power cycle the ASA by unplugging and plugging back in the power adapter.
  2. While restarting, press ESC to enter the ROM Monitor mode. prompt should look like (rommon#0)
  3. Enter command confreg. This will show the current configuration register, which should be 0x00000001. Say NO to change prompt
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